Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fish Fry

Labor Day isn’t a holiday that mandates you spend time with family, or give thanks for what you have.  There’s no gift exchange, and no special songs or decorations to denote its arrival.  For me, it has its traditions, all the same.  It’s that last opportunity to really enjoy all summer has to offer, and prepare for the fall and holiday season ahead.
Years ago, a few buddies and I decided that the best way to spend our Labor Day was out on the water, boating and fishing and swapping stories.  No one really remembers whose idea it was in the first place, but it has become a tradition none of us would pass up.  There’s nothing better than the quiet sound of the water, the small splash of the fish jumping and the excitement of that first tug on the line. 
The Labor Days are gone where my buddies and I commiserate with one another about the stresses of work and the challenges we’ll face – we’re all retired now.  But some things never change.  We may not talk business anymore, but we still remark how lucky we are to enjoy the open water; how good the fresh fish tastes grilled just after we catch it; and we still debate who has caught the biggest fish so far.
Sometimes, you just have to stop and smell the fresh fish grilling.  And for me, Labor Day is the perfect time to enjoy everything life has given me.
Flyin’ Free

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