Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Day Trippin’

I spent years commuting through rush hour traffic during my career, and once I retired I was done with extended car rides. There is one exception to the general rule, however.  Once a year, I willingly sit in the car for an extended period of time –and I really look forward to it. 
I am a bona-fide fall enthusiast.  Vibrant colors, the sound of rustling leaves, pumpkin flavored everything – fall is a season you want to experience with all of your senses.  And each year, I plan a fall-foliage drive that immerses me in everything autumn. 
I plan my road-trip very carefully: finding the best day in terms of weather; planning my route on back roads with the deepest canopies of foliage; strategic stops mapped at the most breath-taking look-out spots.  And I always plan a lot of stops. 
There’s the farm-stand at the beginning of my journey, with mums and pumpkins, ready to pick.  And of course, delicious sugary sweet cider donuts! There’s the state park where I take a short hike, enjoying the sound of the wind through the leaves and the smell of the forest as it readies for winter.  Finally, there’s the cider house that serves lunch – and the best pumpkin coffee I’ve ever had.  I keep a slow but deliberate pace, appreciating this spectacular time of year for all it has to offer.
You know, back in the days of my rush-hour commute, I used to admire the leaves.  The difference now?  Instead of rushing by, I actually get to enjoy the season!
Flyin’ Free

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