Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A New Year. A New Focus.

When my wife and I were younger, we relied on the help of family, friends and neighbors to make our life easier. Whether it was a helping hand to repair a gutter, or the willingness of a friend to watch our children for an afternoon, we often remarked to one another how lucky we were to have people in our lives willing to help. 
My life has become easier since down-sizing and moving to my new low maintenance Jensen home. In fact, I find myself with a lot of free time. So I got to thinking: my wife and I are lucky.  Not everyone has a support system they can turn to like here at Jensen’s.  Somewhere in my community there must be an opportunity for me to help.  So for 2013, I’m making my first-ever New Year’s Resolution: to use my time in retirement to help others in our town.
Now, I’ve never been one to see the value in New Year’s resolutions.  I’ve always thought that if something is worth doing, why wait?  But I think it’s important to set goals, and there are a lot of ways I want to help.  I’d like to get involved with a local non-profit organization, volunteer with a youth service, or help-out at a local animal shelter.  I may be able to do more than one and know I can enrich my life and my community when I donate time to help others less fortunate than us. So, starting in January, you might just see me around town, pitching in.  And hey – maybe I’ll even bring along a few buddies from here at our Jensen Community!
Flyin’ Free

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