Tuesday, December 11, 2012

There’s A “Festivus” In All Of Us!

The holidays are officially here.  Before your social calendar fills up, add one more shindig to your agenda: bring your community together by hosting a holiday party in your neighborhood. Some of our favorite party ideas include:
Gift Making Get Together
What do you give the people in your life who impact your life in a big way, but aren’t family or big friends?  It’s a struggle to find affordable, thoughtful gifts for the pet sitters, accountants and other helpers in your life.  So gather together some supplies and your friends, and spend an afternoon making Christmas or Hanukah gifts.  Check out websites like Martha Stewart’s or Pinterest for gift ideas.
A Caroling We’ll Go
Holiday music is a tried and true favorite!  Give everyone a chance to belt out their favorite tune by hosting a karaoke sing-a-long.  Buy or rent a karaoke machine (most party rental businesses offer them) and get some carols to sing along to.  Ask people to pick their favorites, and serve eggnog or hot cider to sooth throats after a big solo number.
Wrap Up The Gift Giving Season
All of your Christmas and Hanukkah shopping is done and now you’re ready to wrap!  Ask your neighbors to gather together their wrapping supplies (think tape, scissors, paper, ribbon and gift tags) and meet up for a gift-wrap party.  You’ll be amazed how quickly your wrapping done while you chat with your neighbors – and you won’t have to worry about repetitive wrapping paper.

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