Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Greetings!

The holiday season is in full swing here at my Jensen community.  We had a great turnout at our Harvest Dinner where we had a full turkey dinner with all the trimmings including great desserts.  Our annual food drive kicked off and we already have several containers filled with non-perishable food items.  We had a special treat this year in the community building, since Hanukkah starts the day before Thanksgiving we celebrated with the traditional lighting of the menorah and had some homemade potato latkes with applesauce, cookies in the shape of menorahs & dreidel’s.  After we lit the first two candles we all learned how to play the dreidel game…boy did we all feel like kids again eating the chocolate coins!

Here is my special guest blogger Flyin Free…

Thanks “Get In On It.”  I am really looking forward to teaming up with you this year for the Holiday Supper and Charity Event at our Jensen Community.  We always look forward to the fun that goes along with seeing our neighbors and also giving back to the greater civic community in which we live.  Lots of planning has been going on behind the scenes with you, I and the organizing committee and everyone feels the excitement in the air.  It takes a lot of coordination to decorate our Jensen Community Club house hall where we gather for the dinner.    With several new homes that have been built and sold this year, our group is more dynamic and stronger than ever.  I love the fact that Jensen’s continues to attract new and interesting home buyers but also has a good majority of folks who discovered our community years ago!  It continues to be a really good mix of special people.  With this year’s celebration, even more great experiences and memories will be created.   After all, what really counts in life are the relationships we nurture and the priceless experiences created because of it.

Flyin’ Free

Happy Holidays!
Till Next Year
Get In On It & Flyin Free

Monday, November 25, 2013

Are You Ready to Make a Move?

When do you know it is time for a change in where you live?  Here are some reasons we hear from our customers:

·         I love my house but it is just much work to maintain any more.

·         Our children haven’t lived in our home for years and we aren’t using half the rooms. We have too much yard work.  It was enjoyable for many years but now it just seems like a chore.

·         The stairs are starting to get to my knees and hips.  I try to plan my day so I don’t have to take them anymore than necessary.

·         The neighborhood has really changed and we don’t feel like we know anyone now.

·         It is time for a nice family to enjoy our home the way we did when the children were here.

·         The cost of utilities and taxes for my house are taking too much out of my income.

·         A smaller home would be easier and more manageable to pay for as well as leave money for others things.

·         I would like to meet others closer to my age and interests.

If this sounds familiar, it is time to start searching for a home that meets your needs and this chapter of your life.  Many folks feel that their story is unique but the common thread is that today’s active adults 55 and over seek a home and neighborhood that will simplify their lives and make it easier both physically and financially.  Why not enjoy life more and eliminate the stress that a large home and yard creates?

Living in your own single floor home that has a “just enough” floor plan with adequate space for my things is a better answer.  The home can be in a neighborhood, where like in the past, you will know the people next door.

Jensen’s is ready to listen and help you find a better answer.  Please tell us your story.  We would be happy to help with solutions that will make your life easier to enjoy the years ahead!

Kris Jensen III

Get in on the Good Life!®


Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I can’t believe that it is already November! It seems like just yesterday my children & grandchildren were here visiting during summer break.  It was a great summer but I am excited about celebrating the holidays here at my home in Jensen’s. 
Looking at our latest newsletter there are a lot of fun events that are going on this month.  There are several that I am going to participate in including the Food Drive at the Harvest Dinner taking place at our Clubhouse.  It always makes me feel good to give back to the community and not just around the holidays, but all year long.  From what I hear from my friends, the Harvest Dinner is delicious because some of the men cook the birds and everyone brings something to share so you get to try new foods.  I think I’m going to make the Turkey Vegetable Platter I saw on my new favorite website called “Eating with Food Allergies.”  I have food allergies and so do some of my grandchildren so this website is great for me and my daughter to use. There are a lot of great recipes on this website along with pictures.

I hope that mine comes out this good looking!

Until next time…have a great Thanksgiving.
Get In On It

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why a Manufactured Home? Because they are affordable and well-constructed

Today’s factory built homes are simply better than site built.   Manufactured Homes are not only constructed to specific Federal Wind, Thermal and Roof Loads depending on the region; they must endure the travel from a manufacturing plant to a home site.
What are the differences in those large house sections you see on the highways?  For simplicity there are two main types which differ in the building codes to which they are constructed.  First, Manufactured Homes are built to the nationally pre-emptive Federal “HUD Code”.  The second type Modular Homes, are built to state specific codes.  Manufactured Homes are built on their own transportation system.  Modular homes have a detachable transportation system.  Once completed both homes are virtually indistinguishable in finish and appearance when built to the same standards.

Consider the following advantages of factory built homes:

  • Constructed in a climate and weather controlled environment.
  • Constructed with specialized labor.
  • Lumber is precisely cut to fit which minimizes waste.
  • Walls, roofs and floor systems are built to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Materials are purchased efficiently in large quantities.
  • Extra strength is built into each home to ensure durability during transportation.
A well-built home not only lasts but is more comfortable.  Come to one of Jensen’s Fall Open Houses to see and feel the difference.  Besides the superior construction, you will find affordable homes with style and efficiency to fit your lifestyle.

Kris Jensen III

Get in on the Good Life!®

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Looking for Adventure this Fall? Test Drive your New Home Town

Autumn is a great time for empty nesters or retirees to travel.  Families with children are off the road with the kids back in school.  The weather is generally cooler but still beautiful to be outdoors.  Travel prices are lower especially if you can take advantage of last minute deals!  Whether you get away for a long weekend or take an extended trip, there is plenty to like about fall travel.

Trips to places you may want to retire can provide insight on what it is like to live there.  Besides exploring the more touristy places, you will want to check out where you would shop, attend church, play golf or tennis, get a haircut, find a doctor, or just familiarize yourself with the town.

Think like you are living in your temporary home town whether you are there for a few days, weeks or months.  Obviously the longer you can test drive an area the better you can learn about it.  If you are considering a lifestyle community, ask about participating in one or more programs, classes or activities to meet other homeowners.  Be sure to ask any questions you many have regarding their home, community and the general area.

Making a move to a new location should be an exciting adventure but is an important investment.  You want to limit the surprises that can come with a new home in a new climate and state.

If you are making plans to visit a Jensen community from out of town and need suggestions on where to stay, eat or play, we would be glad to help in any way we can.  Feel free to contact any of our Sales Representatives for their local advice and insights.  If we don’t know something, we know someone that does!

Enjoy your travels this fall.

Kris Jensen III

Get in on the Good Life!®

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


For most of our lives we are in accumulation mode.  We acquire clothes, furniture, a home, tools and toys.  We collect things that remind us of our experiences and the people and places we have known.  Hopefully we have amassed some financial assets to help us live comfortably after we retire.
Unfortunately, too many possessions complicate our life rather than enriching it.   The key is to have enough of what you need for yourself and your family.  If you haven’t tried to give away any of your stuff it can be harder than you think!  All of our stuff seems important and valuable until others show us what it is really worth.

Everyone gets to a down (or right) sizing stage in their lives when the house becomes too big, the yard takes too much of our time and rooms are hardly used because the children are gone. It is then we really need to assess what is important.  We need to decide what we will take to a new and perhaps smaller home.  It is important to understand that possessions do not define who we are.   What really matters are the personal items that we actually use and enjoy!

With fewer ticks left on the clock, we want to spend meaningful time on more pleasurable pursuits, not just taking care of our stuff, home or yard.  Reducing clutter and keeping the most meaningful and relevant possessions creates a more fulfilling life with less emphasis on material goods.
A cozy, carefree, and convenient one-floor manufactured home in a Simply Affordable Jensen community may be just the answer.  Come visit one of our 31 communities to see how you can get more out of life. You deserve it!

Kris Jensen III

Get in on the Good Life!®


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall is in the Air

Season change can be smelled in the air.  Fall is upon us and soon we will see the leaves change color and feel a more crisp temperature.  I love this time of year because seasonal change brings new opportunities for fun at my Jensen Community!

Every year we look forward to kicking off fall with our annual Masquerade Party at the Clubhouse.  Entrance to this longstanding, traditional event requires that the participant bring one food dish and wear a small Venetian mask covering the face.  What a hoot it has become—quite the social event as everyone enjoys guessing who’s who and sampling all the good home cooking.  Additionally, it is always fun to see guests and Grandchildren attend the event.  There always seems to be something for everyone!
Deeper into the fall our neighborhood will embark on a food drive for our Lodge.  We really pride ourselves with being able to collect a tremendous amount of non-perishable food items for those less fortunate—especially around the Nation’s Thanksgiving Holiday time.  The local Lodge has become dependent on us for the success of this event as evidenced by many “thank you’s” and certificates of recognition for outstanding efforts in the greater civic community.  This is just another reason why my Jensen Community is a place I am proud to call home.
So as the leaves start to fall and Mother Nature cools things down a bit, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to be living with people of similar age and similar interest.  Folks who take pride in their homes, their community and their family/friends.  I am so glad I made the decision to invest in a Jensen home—it continues to be one of the best decisions I’ve made.


Flyin’ Free

Monday, August 26, 2013

The End of Summer

September marks the end of another great summer for me here in my Jensen’s community. There were so many great events that took place over the summer that I cannot wait till next summer to do them all over again.  Here are some highlights of the events that I participated in: July 4th picnic, weekly water aerobics, swimming, monthly ice cream socials, three pot luck dinners and of course just visiting with friends and neighbors in the community building as well as at my house or theirs. 

Some pictures of the events that happened this summer are below.

As you can see everyone had a great time!  We didn’t let Mother Nature “rain” on our fun; we just moved the activities inside and still had a great time.

Not only did I get to enjoy all of these great activities, but I also went on several trips and visited with my family and grandchildren.   Sometimes I just enjoy just walking around the community and seeing all of the beautiful flowers that my neighbors planted. It gives me some ideas for the types of flowers I want to plant next year! 

As we head into the fall, with all the colorful foliage and great weather, we start to plan for the holidays.  I am looking forward to spending time with my family, but also all the fun events that are planned in our community for the upcoming months. 

Until Next Time,

Get In On It

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Realigning Priorities

People often say that as we get older the years fly by.  It does seem true, but makes us realize we do need to enjoy life.  When we were young and impatient we couldn’t wait to be 16 to get a driver’s license or reach the age to vote.  While everyone doesn’t look forward to the big milestones (30? - 50 ugh! - 70 really?) with equal vigor, they should celebrate and embrace life!

There is no stopping time but there are ways to make time more productive and enjoyable no matter how you might choose to define or spend it.  Most would agree that family and friends would rank on the top of the list while home maintenance would not.  Your work may rank somewhere in between.  It is really about the choices we make and how we look at our priorities that will help us determine the rewards we can achieve.  Think about what is taking up your time and what you would prefer to do.  Do you have the balance that is appropriate for this stage of your life?

So much time is spent with financing and work around the home.  Streamlining those items can help make more quality time for activities we like to pursue whether it is spending it with family, pursuing hobbies, travel or volunteer work.  Realigning priorities as we move to retirement is a process not an event.  Shifting should come in stages so we can adjust and make changes that better suit us.  A plan is needed!  If you are not quite ready to sell and move from the family home, you might start thinking a lot more about what you want.  Start looking for places that will better suit your current lifestyle and add to your discretionary time.

Kris Jensen III

Get in on the Good Life!®


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

“The pie I’ve been eating for years… My wise retirement decision”

It’s a typical Wednesday morning for me at the Jensen Community Club House Fitness Center.  I’m up, feeling strong, about to feel the endorphins kick in from a good workout, when all of a sudden I hear a voice say, “hello” from behind me. 

A bit surprised, I had not noticed the lady standing behind me enter the Fitness Center (I was concentrating intently on finishing my run) I slowed the tread mill to a stop and greeted her.  “Hello, how can I help you” I asked?  She introduced herself and indicated she was early for her new home sales appointment with our Community Sales Representative.  She then began asking the typical questions all new folks ask—“how do I like living in the community?”  “What types of activities go on at the Clubhouse?”  “What model name and floor plan did I choose?”  Then she asked my favorite question:  “how long have you been living in a Jensen Community?”  I love this question because I think I made a wise retirement decision over 8 years ago and I like to tell people about it because it helps put things into perspective.

It was the spring of 2005, I was working, but I had retirement on my mind.  I loved my job and was considered an expert by the small agency I had been employed at for over 15 years.  Still, visions of life beyond the work place kept growing stronger and stronger.  I tend to be a strong minded man; consistent to my beliefs and one of my big beliefs has always been to live life well rounded—no extremes.  I remember hearing and seeing those who were ahead of me in life say things like:  “Don’t let too much time slip in your older years because time is something you can’t make more of.”  Or, “life is not a destination but rather a trip—take time to enjoy your experience as it unfolds.”  That spring I announce my retirement and embraced a new chapter in my life.

The funny thing about my wise retirement decision was actually revealed here at Jensen’s.  The lady in front of me and dozens before her ask the same question—“how long have you lived here?”  What they really are asking is:  “how are things after retirement going for you?”  “How do you like retirement and did you make a good decision?”  My answer of course is a resounding YES…but I also let them know that too many of my current friends, after they make the decision, say they wished they had done it years earlier. 

So my answer to the lovely lady standing in front of me was a little longer than perhaps she expected…but if I was able to help her see the big picture I did good and that’s what counts.  Cutting out my slice of the retirement pie at the right time in my life was one of the wisest decisions I’ve made.


--Flyin’ Free

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why before What

Prospective home buyers are usually asked questions like how many bedrooms and baths and what square footage they are looking for in a new home.  While these are relevant, it is far more important to know the why before the what.

You are thinking about selling your current home for a reason.  Jensen’s team knows we better help our customers focus in on their home buying mission.  First by understanding why you desire to make a move before we start hearing about what you want.  What is it about your current home, lot, neighborhood or location that you would like to improve?  Of course it is seldom one thing that will drive someone to move.  When a couple is looking, each may have problems they want to overcome.

You will be more successful in your search for a new home and lifestyle by doing a bit of soul searching before you begin.  Are you tired of walking up and down stairs?  Are there too many changes in your neighborhood?  Do your home and yard that were once labors of love now feel like drudgery?  You are not alone and we are here to listen first and then help you find a better way and place to live.

We invite you to speak to our sales representatives in person, on the phone or online.

Kris Jensen III

Get in on the Good Life!®


Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!

Summer has officially arrived!!! All of us in the community look forward to the start of summer because the pool is open, fun outdoor events such as the ice cream social and Fourth of July parties are coming up, and so many beautiful colors are out in full bloom.  We mark the start of summer with our annual pool party and picnic.   Everybody gathers in the community building or out by the pool and we relax and enjoy the camaraderie along with some traditional summer fare. 
It is also fun because we bring our favorite summer dishes to share with our neighbors and try new and exciting dishes as well. I am always looking for a new dish to bring to summer picnics because there are always the tried and true macaroni & potato salads, fruit dishes, vegetable platters and various chips.  This year I am going to make cupcakes that look like a hamburger! I saw them at my grandson’s birthday party & thought they were a great idea.  So I got to work and created my masterpiece.  They were a huge success and everyone who ate them asked for the recipe, so I am going to share the recipe and picture for you to create for your summer get together. The recipe is from Duncan Hines, just click on the link: Duncan Hines Hamburger Cupcakes.

I almost forgot my other favorite part of the July 4th celebrations is watching the great fireworks display in town.  It really makes me feel like a kid again!

Have a Happy & Safe July 4th from your fellow Jensen community residents!


Get In On It

Happy Fourth of July

On behalf of all of us at Jensen communities we wish you an enjoyable Independence Day!

We want to let you know our offices will be closed on both Thursday and Friday to give our hardworking staff a well-earned extra day off after the Holiday.  Sales offices normally scheduled to be open on Saturdays will generally be open for business this Saturday for Open Houses on new and resale manufactured homes.


While you are enjoying a barbeque with family or friends, consider your own current state of independence and if you are perhaps really looking for more freedom that a more manageable and affordable home and yard can afford.  A new energy efficient manufactured home in a Jensen community can remove a lot of the heavy lifting and extra costs as well as time that a traditional family home requires.

Please check our listings, call one of our friendly sales representatives or visit an open house soon to see how you can Get in on the Good Life!®

Kris Jensen III

Get in on the Good Life!®


Monday, June 3, 2013

Memorial Day in my Jensen Community

With Memorial Day behind us it brings to the mind how lucky I am to be living free, happy and healthy.  Sharing these feelings with my Jensen Community neighbors makes it all the more special.  One of the things I enjoy most about where I live is the fact that my neighbors come from all over the country with different experiences and backgrounds, yet we all seem to share similar values.  It’s part of why I feel so at home at Jensen’s—truly a sought after and satisfying lifestyle.

Just yesterday I was washing my prized 1969 Ford Mustang hard top on the driveway and my neighbor “Smitty” dropped in.  He was just finishing his exercise walking routine and decided to come over and help me finish cleaning the tires.  As we were polishing the chrome we chatted about old times, cars and growing up in the Northeast.  We agreed, what we missed after leaving our childhood homes to enter the work force was the sense of neighborhood.  That special place you call home where friendships are made and great experiences created which keep life interesting, safer and more rewarding.  We both knew what we were saying:  “I’m glad I am here with you and other people like you because you improve my life.”  I worked hard to be here and now I am rewarding myself every day!

Later on this week a few of us from the neighborhood are going into town to check out the local car show and catch a movie.  I really enjoy taking my baby out for a drive when she is all polished up!  I look forward to these outings because they are simple and fun!  We will probably stop at the local ice cream stand on the way back home, but no-way is Smitty getting into my car with a full cone of ice cream!  Besides, he likes chocolate and my favorite is vanilla.


Flyin’ Free

Friday, May 17, 2013

Advantage: Land Lease!

Prospective home purchasers sometimes stumble upon and are pleasantly surprised to realize the appeal of land lease communities.  They are out looking for a new home and discover an attractive land-lease community.

Unless they have lived in a manufactured or mobile home community before, the idea can trip them up as it seems to go against what they’ve believed all their lives.  Why should they start leasing land when owning it has worked for many years?
A land lease can work at most any stage of life, but the size of the homes and sites typically attract younger/first time buyers, small families, unmarried people and retirees.  The reason a land lease works is that it enables residents to own a single family home while enjoying the benefits of a private community at an affordable price.  The benefits include:

  • Affordable living in a well-maintained community
  • Private community amenities
  • Annual shrub trimming and tree maintenance, landscaped common areas
  • Professional accredited community management
  • Private, enforceable community Rules and Regulations
  • Low-maintenance housing costs less for upkeep, letting you use your money for more enjoyment with less financial stress
Compare your current expenses and worrisome lifestyle to that of buying a home in a land lease community.  You just may find that the financial value and added benefits will allow you to get more out of life!

Kris Jensen III

Get in on the Good Life!®


Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring is here!!

Spring is FINALLY here after the long winter.  It is nice to see all of the flowers with such vibrant colors and the trees with the increasingly green leaves around the community.  Since I am retired I can sit back and enjoy everything that spring has to offer.  Not working also gives me the opportunity to catch up with my neighbors by walking around the community while enjoying the fresh spring air. 

It is enjoyable to freshen up our planting beds with mulch with the daffodils and tulips already up and by planting some geraniums and other brightly colored annuals.  It is also time to plant my small vegetable garden for some fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and any other vegetables this summer. We have a community garden area for our vegetable gardens which is a fun way to interact with my neighbors. It will be nice to walk out to my section of the garden and pick fresh produce to make delicious meals and share some vegetables with my Jensen friends.

I am also looking forward to spending time with my family when we gather to celebrate Mother’s Day.  It is my special day because I am treated like royalty and don’t have to cook.  One of my favorite Mother’s Day desserts is Strawberry Corn Cakes (check it out on  My daughter & grandchildren make this dessert every year; it has become a tradition for our Mother’s Day gathering.

Hope your spring gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and take advantage of the many seasonal hobbies and activities!

Get in on it

Thursday, April 4, 2013

When You Retire You Have Housing Choices

The majority of new Jensen residents have owned a single family detached home on their own land prior to purchasing in a Jensen community.  A single family home is the overwhelming housing choice for most all Americans.  They don’t call it the “American Dream” for nothing!

When the time comes to find a more accommodating home and invigorating lifestyle there are several alternatives to consider.  Most people still want to live in a single family home; they just want it to have lower maintenance (inside and out) and a floor plan that fits their current needs.  Also, updates and options they never had and a home that meets their current budget.

The key is learning about new housing choices.  These include certain rules, restrictions and/or covenants from condominium documents, homeowners associations or land lease community rules.  Prospective buyers are usually eager for assurance that they will live in a pleasant neighborhood and that their investment will be protected.  They should also be sure that they can live with the community policies and requirements.  Good rules like fences make good neighbors.  But if you like to garden and the condo board does not permit any alterations to the exterior plantings, you should reconsider whether or not the place is for you.

When you live in a single family home on your own lot you are generally the master of your own domain (even though municipal or count regulations prevail).  In a condominium or a community with a homeowners association you will need to ask for the approval of the condo board.  It could be run by a professional property manager but is more likely run or at least overseen by a board made up of your neighbors (once the developer has turned the organization and responsibilities over and stepped away from the project).  If the group has the right experience and skills, they can objectively deal with the issues at hand in a businesslike manner.  Without the right knowledge and capabilities, a board can be subject to poor practices, financial difficulties maintaining the property and inconsistencies that come with peer pressure and internal politics.

In a land lease community the management of the community and enforcement of community requirements is typically completed by the original developer who has a vested interest and takes pride in their investment.  If the community has been sold to a new investor, they usually have the property management experience that will ensure a professionally run community for you to enjoy.  Most notably, you are not at the whim of other homeowners in the community and have no obligation to self-manage where you live like in a condominium.

As you look for a new home, be sure to educate yourself on the pros and cons of each housing choice so you can make the right decision with full knowledge and understanding.  Your next move should make your life more enjoyable than your current home and provide more freedom from ownership responsibilities.
At Jensen communities®, we are glad and eager to help you.
Kris Jensen III

Get in on the Good Life!®


Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring into a Cleaner Home!

Spring might be taking a little longer than we’d like to get here, but the sun is shining and the weather is starting to warm up.  When the crocuses and daffodils start poking out of the dirt, I can’t help but to get into spring-cleaning mode inside my home at Jensen retirement community!
I usually start with the kitchen which is hardest rooms to clean because it is the one that I use the most. As you know, I love cooking. Keeping my refrigerator stocked with all kinds of food through the winter months is important, but I sometimes buy more than I need. Spring is the perfect time to get my kitchen back into tip-top shape by cleaning out expired or unwanted food items, cleaning the fridge and pantry shelves and reaching those often-neglected nooks.  
No matter what room you decide to clean first, you’ll need a good set of tools to get the job done right. Here’s my list of essentials:
  • Those dust mops on a flexible pole for getting underneath your appliances and furniture – this one is important! Once the duster is dirty you just replace it with a refill, no need to wash them.
  • Sponges, rags and cleaning cloths. Old tee shirts and towels make great reusable rags – and a run through the dishwasher is the best way to keep sponges clean.
  • Vacuum cleaner with attachments that can reach into tight spots. Make sure you check that your vacuum cleaner is working well, and change your bag!
My favorite part of freshening up my retirement home for spring?  The help, of course!  My granddaughter always comes by to help me clean areas that require a lot of bending down or reaching up, like the insides of lower or upper cabinets.  And once we’ve finished, I always cook her something special in my nice clean kitchen!
What’s happening in your retirement living community?
Get In On It!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Madness

Whether or not we enjoy winter weather, it is easy to get a little itchy this time of year.  The cold temperatures and shorten days limits our access to sunshine and its positive effects.  Thanks to the high school and college basketball tournament games over the past week there was a lot of excitement leading up to the “Big Dance” selection shows for the upcoming men’s and women’s collegiate tournaments.
Winter typically makes for slower times in the housing market but despite the blizzard this year we have generally had some good weather for open houses and showing homes.  This has been great for people out looking and taking advantage of a great time to buy a new or resale home.  As the market continues to heat up, those who act now will likely look back and know they moved at just the right time.
At Jensen’s we will continue to offer Open Houses as winter turns into spring.  We look forward to the bulbs popping and buds blooming!  There is nothing better than landscaping coming back to life and how it complements a home and site.  Please come visit and take a look.  You can find information on our Open Houses on each individual Community Page.  Click here to see where we have communities.
We hope you enjoy March Madness and all the excitement of the college games.  When you need a break in the action, treat yourself by getting outdoors and looking at homes for sale.  You will find some of the best values in a long time.  Unfortunately, like the tournaments the low prices will not last forever!
Kris Jensen III
Get in on the Good Life!®

Friday, March 1, 2013

Signs of Spring

Spring is in the air!!! The first day of spring is less than a month away, but I’m already starting to see signs of the good weather around my Jensen retirement community.  And wow, after the pounding we took this winter with the snow and the cold, I’m ready for some sun and warmth!
Some people grumble about March – it lingers, dredging up last-ditch attempts at snow and generally acting like full-fledged winter – but I look forward to it.  I know the end is near when the calendar hits March 1st, and I love to take note of the harbingers of the season, such as:
  • It stays lighter later.  Sure, it’s only a little bit longer a few minutes every day – but by weeks end, I’m always amazed by how quickly that time adds up.
  • Spring training for baseball starts!  Nothing puts me in the warm-weather mindset than seeing sunny Fort Meyers in the sports news! 
  • The cherry blossoms start blooming – and the National Cherry Blossom Festival takes place.  When the kids were young, my wife and I took them to Washington, D.C. during their spring break to see the blossoms in all of their glory.  Now I always looked forward to that national symbol of good weather coming. 
As for my Jensen community, the signs of spring are everywhere– the crocus flowers, their purple buds poking through the snow slogged ground, and the robins returning to the awakening dogwoods. Folks are talking about getting back on the golf course, starting the pool season and breaking out the warmer weather clothes. You can see my neighbors begin walking outside more, prepping their gardens and perennials and even making plans – for spring!
Flyin’ Free