Wednesday, January 16, 2013

People are Buying and Homes are Selling!

The NFL playoffs are in full swing and the Super Bowl will be played on February 3rd!  This is the most exciting time for professional football.  If you are considering the purchase of a new or resale home, it is time to get off the sidelines and in the game!  Simply put people are buying and homes are selling!  Jensen’s finished 2012 with significantly increased sales over 2011 as buyers came off of the bench and took advantage of the best home prices and financing rates in years.
One would think with the national negative news that there would be an overwhelming number of homes on the market.  That is just not true especially along the East Coast where Jensen has communities.  There is actually a low inventory of homes for sale.  It will not pay to wait too long if you are seriously looking to make a move.  It may not be a significant seller’s market yet, but when the tables do turn they tend to change pretty quickly.
Now is the time to improve your life and get into a more accommodating home that will suit you for years to come.  Take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a new home at a great price, reduce your monthly expenses and have more time to do the things that mean the most to you and your loved ones.
Kris Jensen III
Get in on the Good Life!®

Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year, New Adventures

It always seems as though the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years flash by in the blink of an eye – and yet spring takes it’s time to arrive, as we weather the long months of January, February and March.  This year, we at Jensen Communities think it’s time to take advantage of the downtime of late winter – and find something to keep you busy!
Host A Movie Festival In Your Community: Every weekend, book your local community center and host a movie night!  Work your way through every Oscar-winning best film, or all of the hit comedies from a specific decade.
Make A Visit To That Locale You’ve Been Dreaming Of: Whether you have to drive or fly, make a point to visit that one destination you’ve been dreaming of.  Invite someone to share your adventure or a whole group.  Take lots of photos and collect plenty of souvenirs to scrapbook and share your adventure when you return.
Take The Time Organize Your Life: Use your time to organize your life, like organizing recipes in one three-ring binder (or better yet digitally) or copying all of your friends’ names and addresses into one easy-to-find notebook or Outlook.  Clear out any clutter from your home that has no place in your new year!
Master A Hobby: Sign-up for indoor golf lessons, join a knitting circle or take a cooking class to become an expert at your favorite pastime.  This might be one idea that you can revisit time and time again!
Join A New Club – Or Form One: Get your Jensen neighbors together and form a book club or recipe exchange.  Or find your local Boys and Girls, Exchange or Rotary club and find out how you can get involved.
Perfect A New Exotic Dish: Pick something you’ve never tried before – and start cooking!  Or hire an expert to perform a group cooking demonstration.  Once you’re ready to show off your new skills, invite over your friends and family to sample your new delicacy.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

After Christmas Antics

Christmas is a wonderful time of year.  Nothing brings a smile to my face like the smell of a Balsam Fir, the twinkle of candles in windows or the jingle of bells.  I’ve mentioned in previous posts, that cooking for the holidays is a favorite past time – and so is decorating and celebrating with family and friends.  I learned long ago however, when my time was in short supply, that preparing for the Christmas season is best done all-year long.  And while my schedule isn’t nearly as hectic since I moved to my Jensen Community, I still like to take my time getting ready for Christmas. 
My holiday prepping begins the last week of December, when I visit local stores for sales on after-Christmas goods.  I have a few girlfriends in my community that join me, and we make a day of it!  This year, my shopping list includes wrapping paper; Christmas cards; some new ornaments; and lights to replace the half-lit strand on my tree.  We stay away from the mall; major pharmacies and big box retailers carry everything we’re looking for, and offer excellent deals.  Best of all, you can’t beat the up close parking! When we’ve finally found everything on our lists, we sit down for a nice lunch at a local cafĂ©, and compare our deals.  We’re always amazed with the money we save – and every little bit helps!
I look at my after-Christmas tradition as a way to extend the holiday fun and warmth.  It’s more than the perfect presents and good deals – it’s about getting to spend time with good friends, and that’s exactly what I do!
Get In On It!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year’s Resolutions & Rewards

This year, I resolved to spend more time helping out in my community.  Since moving to my new, low-maintenance Jensen home, I’ve found I have more time than I used to, and I wanted to spend it helping others.
It’s important to me that I keep my resolution.  So I’ve come up with a few ways to stick to it.  I’ll share them with you in case you need a little help keeping yours, too.
Write It Down.  I wrote my goal on a scrap piece of paper, and taped it to my fridge.  Every time I open the fridge for something, I’m reminded of what my goal is.
Find A Friend.  My neighbor, Tom, retired a few years ago, and recently moved to my Jensen Community.  He’s used to being active, and when I told him about my New Year’s resolution, he jumped at the chance to join in.  Having Tom to hold me accountable has made it much easier to stick with my goal.
Reward Yourself.  Tom and I agreed that we’d like to spend 10 hours helping out a month.  If we meet that goal, we decided that we’d treat ourselves to lunch at the local diner.  We chose something we could do together, that wasn’t expensive but still enjoyable.
So far, we’ve logged our hours and had fun doing it!  We’re hoping to get more of our neighbors involved next month – and we’re keeping our resolution all year long!
Flyin’ Free