Thursday, January 10, 2013

After Christmas Antics

Christmas is a wonderful time of year.  Nothing brings a smile to my face like the smell of a Balsam Fir, the twinkle of candles in windows or the jingle of bells.  I’ve mentioned in previous posts, that cooking for the holidays is a favorite past time – and so is decorating and celebrating with family and friends.  I learned long ago however, when my time was in short supply, that preparing for the Christmas season is best done all-year long.  And while my schedule isn’t nearly as hectic since I moved to my Jensen Community, I still like to take my time getting ready for Christmas. 
My holiday prepping begins the last week of December, when I visit local stores for sales on after-Christmas goods.  I have a few girlfriends in my community that join me, and we make a day of it!  This year, my shopping list includes wrapping paper; Christmas cards; some new ornaments; and lights to replace the half-lit strand on my tree.  We stay away from the mall; major pharmacies and big box retailers carry everything we’re looking for, and offer excellent deals.  Best of all, you can’t beat the up close parking! When we’ve finally found everything on our lists, we sit down for a nice lunch at a local café, and compare our deals.  We’re always amazed with the money we save – and every little bit helps!
I look at my after-Christmas tradition as a way to extend the holiday fun and warmth.  It’s more than the perfect presents and good deals – it’s about getting to spend time with good friends, and that’s exactly what I do!
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