Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year’s Resolutions & Rewards

This year, I resolved to spend more time helping out in my community.  Since moving to my new, low-maintenance Jensen home, I’ve found I have more time than I used to, and I wanted to spend it helping others.
It’s important to me that I keep my resolution.  So I’ve come up with a few ways to stick to it.  I’ll share them with you in case you need a little help keeping yours, too.
Write It Down.  I wrote my goal on a scrap piece of paper, and taped it to my fridge.  Every time I open the fridge for something, I’m reminded of what my goal is.
Find A Friend.  My neighbor, Tom, retired a few years ago, and recently moved to my Jensen Community.  He’s used to being active, and when I told him about my New Year’s resolution, he jumped at the chance to join in.  Having Tom to hold me accountable has made it much easier to stick with my goal.
Reward Yourself.  Tom and I agreed that we’d like to spend 10 hours helping out a month.  If we meet that goal, we decided that we’d treat ourselves to lunch at the local diner.  We chose something we could do together, that wasn’t expensive but still enjoyable.
So far, we’ve logged our hours and had fun doing it!  We’re hoping to get more of our neighbors involved next month – and we’re keeping our resolution all year long!
Flyin’ Free

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