Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Time to Make Your Move

Deciding the right time to sell your home and move to a more suitable home is no easy task.  From the business end of the decision there seems to be too many issues to think about.  Complacency is seemingly more comfortable than taking action.
It is however advantageous to be proactive.  The reasons at first may seem overwhelming with too many issues to make this BIG decision.  We realize that we are dissatisfied with our current home or lifestyle.  There are persistent problems we want to solve and would like to find a better, more enjoyable way to live.
There may not be a better time than now to make a move for these reasons:
  1. Many home choices on the market.
  2. Exceptionally good home values.
  3. Ridiculously low interest rates.
  4. Do not need all the rooms in the current home or to maintain them.
  5. The front and back yard has become a place to take care of rather than enjoy.
  6. The children are not moving back and they don’t need us to store their stuff.
  7. There are other alternatives to hosting a family get together than at the old house.
  8. It is your time to enjoy some freedom and have more fun.
  9. There are things you would rather do than clean the house and take care of the yard.
  10. Spending time with family and friends, volunteering, learning a new craft, traveling, or simply having some more “fun” should be our priorities.

Maybe the question is not why it’s so hard to make a decision but what are the real reasons we are trying to make a decision in the first place?  We encourage you to be proactive in finding your own version of the Good Life and we would be pleased to help in any way we can.

Kris Jensen III
Get in on the Good Life!®

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I’ll never forget the excitement of Valentine’s Day during grade school.  We’d spend weeks in my class decorating and setting up our card boxes to collect each and every valentine our classmates gave us.  I would barely be able to sleep the night before, knowing that the next day I’d have a full box of lovely little notes to sort through. 
I still get excited for February 14th, even though my grammar school days are far behind me.  I do something a little different each year.  Last year was making valentines with my granddaughters for their classmates.  The year I retired, I made heart shaped cookies for all of my co-workers with little sweet sayings written on them. 
This year, however, I’m celebrating with my friends and neighbors at our Jensen community – and all to benefit a good cause.  A few of my friends have organized a card making party at our community center.  We’ve been collecting supplies for weeks and we’re going to make as many valentines as possible for the troops.  We’ll each bring a snack, too, and really make a day of it.  We’d like to make 2,500 cards to send to our armed forces – or more!
How does your community celebrate Valentine’s Day?   Fill us in on the details and you may see your story next month!
Get In On It!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

How I spent Super Bowl Sunday

Now, here’s something I don’t always like to admit to: I’m not an avid football fan.  I’ve just never felt that special connection to a team.  Oh, sure - there are the teams I’ll root for and the players I like.  But you’d never find me glued to the couch on a Sunday or Monday night.  The festivities around football, however, have always been a favorite way to spend time with friends and family.  I have no shame in being what some might call a fair-weather fan – besides, who can turn down a good tailgate and great wings? 
Despite never having a team to root for, I’ve always looked forward to the first weekend in February. I like that Super Bowl Sunday is a great mid-winter excuse to get together with good friends and family.  Of course, some attention is devoted to the TV.  But usually, there’s more than enough good conversation (and food!) to keep even non-fans like me happy.
This year was no exception.  I hosted a party at the Jensen Community Center, and we had a great time.  We had a no chatting zone by the TV so serious fans could watch the game without interruption and a social area by the kitchen for the rest of us.  I broke out my super secret rib recipe, and brought those along with some extra wet naps.  Everyone dressed in their favorite team colors and we had a contest for the most “Fanatic Fan”.  I even participated in the little pool we had - of course, not being a fan, I didn’t have the inside scoop.  But it was still fun to throw in a dollar and test my luck.
It sure is great to have such fun with other friendly neighbors in the community especially on those winter weekends.  That reminds me – how did you spend your Super Bowl Sunday?  Please let us know and we will post your story.
Flyin’ Free

Monday, February 4, 2013

Jensen Community News

Each Jensen community has an individual Community Page on our Web site.  They provide a brief explanation of each location, specific contact information and even weather or directions.  You can also find both new and resale homes for sale.
The Community Pages have links to Community News which lists planned activities.  You will also see Club events and plans for resident trips.  Community News includes articles about what is happening in a particular community.  You can check them out for yourself by going on and clicking on the Community News Tab on the left-hand side of our home page (and then choosing a State and Community).
Here are a few recent examples:
Cherrywood in New Hartford NY:                              
Crestwood in Concord NH:                                      
Country Lakes in Little River SC:                                     
Wymberly in Martinez GA:                                         
Jensen communities® are more about the people than even our fine homes and neighborhoods.  There is a close bond and sense of camaraderie amongst the people who live here.
Come see for yourself!
Kris Jensen III
Get in on the Good Life!®

Friday, February 1, 2013


We’re turning the tables – and asking for your best blog-worthy stories!  For the month of February, we’re focusing on the events taking place in YOUR neighborhood.  What Super Bowl party is your community having? How do your neighbors celebrate Valentines Day?  Send us your submissions, no matter how big or small, to  We’ll feature our favorites on the blog and on Facebook.  We can’t wait to read them*!
*Don’t worry; whether unpolished or perfectly written, we’ll consider every submission.
Jensen  communities®