Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I’ll never forget the excitement of Valentine’s Day during grade school.  We’d spend weeks in my class decorating and setting up our card boxes to collect each and every valentine our classmates gave us.  I would barely be able to sleep the night before, knowing that the next day I’d have a full box of lovely little notes to sort through. 
I still get excited for February 14th, even though my grammar school days are far behind me.  I do something a little different each year.  Last year was making valentines with my granddaughters for their classmates.  The year I retired, I made heart shaped cookies for all of my co-workers with little sweet sayings written on them. 
This year, however, I’m celebrating with my friends and neighbors at our Jensen community – and all to benefit a good cause.  A few of my friends have organized a card making party at our community center.  We’ve been collecting supplies for weeks and we’re going to make as many valentines as possible for the troops.  We’ll each bring a snack, too, and really make a day of it.  We’d like to make 2,500 cards to send to our armed forces – or more!
How does your community celebrate Valentine’s Day?   Fill us in on the details and you may see your story next month!
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