Friday, March 1, 2013

Signs of Spring

Spring is in the air!!! The first day of spring is less than a month away, but I’m already starting to see signs of the good weather around my Jensen retirement community.  And wow, after the pounding we took this winter with the snow and the cold, I’m ready for some sun and warmth!
Some people grumble about March – it lingers, dredging up last-ditch attempts at snow and generally acting like full-fledged winter – but I look forward to it.  I know the end is near when the calendar hits March 1st, and I love to take note of the harbingers of the season, such as:
  • It stays lighter later.  Sure, it’s only a little bit longer a few minutes every day – but by weeks end, I’m always amazed by how quickly that time adds up.
  • Spring training for baseball starts!  Nothing puts me in the warm-weather mindset than seeing sunny Fort Meyers in the sports news! 
  • The cherry blossoms start blooming – and the National Cherry Blossom Festival takes place.  When the kids were young, my wife and I took them to Washington, D.C. during their spring break to see the blossoms in all of their glory.  Now I always looked forward to that national symbol of good weather coming. 
As for my Jensen community, the signs of spring are everywhere– the crocus flowers, their purple buds poking through the snow slogged ground, and the robins returning to the awakening dogwoods. Folks are talking about getting back on the golf course, starting the pool season and breaking out the warmer weather clothes. You can see my neighbors begin walking outside more, prepping their gardens and perennials and even making plans – for spring!
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