Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring into a Cleaner Home!

Spring might be taking a little longer than we’d like to get here, but the sun is shining and the weather is starting to warm up.  When the crocuses and daffodils start poking out of the dirt, I can’t help but to get into spring-cleaning mode inside my home at Jensen retirement community!
I usually start with the kitchen which is hardest rooms to clean because it is the one that I use the most. As you know, I love cooking. Keeping my refrigerator stocked with all kinds of food through the winter months is important, but I sometimes buy more than I need. Spring is the perfect time to get my kitchen back into tip-top shape by cleaning out expired or unwanted food items, cleaning the fridge and pantry shelves and reaching those often-neglected nooks.  
No matter what room you decide to clean first, you’ll need a good set of tools to get the job done right. Here’s my list of essentials:
  • Those dust mops on a flexible pole for getting underneath your appliances and furniture – this one is important! Once the duster is dirty you just replace it with a refill, no need to wash them.
  • Sponges, rags and cleaning cloths. Old tee shirts and towels make great reusable rags – and a run through the dishwasher is the best way to keep sponges clean.
  • Vacuum cleaner with attachments that can reach into tight spots. Make sure you check that your vacuum cleaner is working well, and change your bag!
My favorite part of freshening up my retirement home for spring?  The help, of course!  My granddaughter always comes by to help me clean areas that require a lot of bending down or reaching up, like the insides of lower or upper cabinets.  And once we’ve finished, I always cook her something special in my nice clean kitchen!
What’s happening in your retirement living community?
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