Tuesday, July 30, 2013

“The pie I’ve been eating for years… My wise retirement decision”

It’s a typical Wednesday morning for me at the Jensen Community Club House Fitness Center.  I’m up, feeling strong, about to feel the endorphins kick in from a good workout, when all of a sudden I hear a voice say, “hello” from behind me. 

A bit surprised, I had not noticed the lady standing behind me enter the Fitness Center (I was concentrating intently on finishing my run) I slowed the tread mill to a stop and greeted her.  “Hello, how can I help you” I asked?  She introduced herself and indicated she was early for her new home sales appointment with our Community Sales Representative.  She then began asking the typical questions all new folks ask—“how do I like living in the community?”  “What types of activities go on at the Clubhouse?”  “What model name and floor plan did I choose?”  Then she asked my favorite question:  “how long have you been living in a Jensen Community?”  I love this question because I think I made a wise retirement decision over 8 years ago and I like to tell people about it because it helps put things into perspective.

It was the spring of 2005, I was working, but I had retirement on my mind.  I loved my job and was considered an expert by the small agency I had been employed at for over 15 years.  Still, visions of life beyond the work place kept growing stronger and stronger.  I tend to be a strong minded man; consistent to my beliefs and one of my big beliefs has always been to live life well rounded—no extremes.  I remember hearing and seeing those who were ahead of me in life say things like:  “Don’t let too much time slip in your older years because time is something you can’t make more of.”  Or, “life is not a destination but rather a trip—take time to enjoy your experience as it unfolds.”  That spring I announce my retirement and embraced a new chapter in my life.

The funny thing about my wise retirement decision was actually revealed here at Jensen’s.  The lady in front of me and dozens before her ask the same question—“how long have you lived here?”  What they really are asking is:  “how are things after retirement going for you?”  “How do you like retirement and did you make a good decision?”  My answer of course is a resounding YES…but I also let them know that too many of my current friends, after they make the decision, say they wished they had done it years earlier. 

So my answer to the lovely lady standing in front of me was a little longer than perhaps she expected…but if I was able to help her see the big picture I did good and that’s what counts.  Cutting out my slice of the retirement pie at the right time in my life was one of the wisest decisions I’ve made.


--Flyin’ Free

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why before What

Prospective home buyers are usually asked questions like how many bedrooms and baths and what square footage they are looking for in a new home.  While these are relevant, it is far more important to know the why before the what.

You are thinking about selling your current home for a reason.  Jensen’s team knows we better help our customers focus in on their home buying mission.  First by understanding why you desire to make a move before we start hearing about what you want.  What is it about your current home, lot, neighborhood or location that you would like to improve?  Of course it is seldom one thing that will drive someone to move.  When a couple is looking, each may have problems they want to overcome.

You will be more successful in your search for a new home and lifestyle by doing a bit of soul searching before you begin.  Are you tired of walking up and down stairs?  Are there too many changes in your neighborhood?  Do your home and yard that were once labors of love now feel like drudgery?  You are not alone and we are here to listen first and then help you find a better way and place to live.

We invite you to speak to our sales representatives in person, on the phone or online.

Kris Jensen III

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