Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Realigning Priorities

People often say that as we get older the years fly by.  It does seem true, but makes us realize we do need to enjoy life.  When we were young and impatient we couldn’t wait to be 16 to get a driver’s license or reach the age to vote.  While everyone doesn’t look forward to the big milestones (30? - 50 ugh! - 70 really?) with equal vigor, they should celebrate and embrace life!

There is no stopping time but there are ways to make time more productive and enjoyable no matter how you might choose to define or spend it.  Most would agree that family and friends would rank on the top of the list while home maintenance would not.  Your work may rank somewhere in between.  It is really about the choices we make and how we look at our priorities that will help us determine the rewards we can achieve.  Think about what is taking up your time and what you would prefer to do.  Do you have the balance that is appropriate for this stage of your life?

So much time is spent with financing and work around the home.  Streamlining those items can help make more quality time for activities we like to pursue whether it is spending it with family, pursuing hobbies, travel or volunteer work.  Realigning priorities as we move to retirement is a process not an event.  Shifting should come in stages so we can adjust and make changes that better suit us.  A plan is needed!  If you are not quite ready to sell and move from the family home, you might start thinking a lot more about what you want.  Start looking for places that will better suit your current lifestyle and add to your discretionary time.

Kris Jensen III

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