Tuesday, October 8, 2013


For most of our lives we are in accumulation mode.  We acquire clothes, furniture, a home, tools and toys.  We collect things that remind us of our experiences and the people and places we have known.  Hopefully we have amassed some financial assets to help us live comfortably after we retire.
Unfortunately, too many possessions complicate our life rather than enriching it.   The key is to have enough of what you need for yourself and your family.  If you haven’t tried to give away any of your stuff it can be harder than you think!  All of our stuff seems important and valuable until others show us what it is really worth.

Everyone gets to a down (or right) sizing stage in their lives when the house becomes too big, the yard takes too much of our time and rooms are hardly used because the children are gone. It is then we really need to assess what is important.  We need to decide what we will take to a new and perhaps smaller home.  It is important to understand that possessions do not define who we are.   What really matters are the personal items that we actually use and enjoy!

With fewer ticks left on the clock, we want to spend meaningful time on more pleasurable pursuits, not just taking care of our stuff, home or yard.  Reducing clutter and keeping the most meaningful and relevant possessions creates a more fulfilling life with less emphasis on material goods.
A cozy, carefree, and convenient one-floor manufactured home in a Simply Affordable Jensen community may be just the answer.  Come visit one of our 31 communities to see how you can get more out of life. You deserve it!

Kris Jensen III

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