Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Road Trip North

I love road trips!  It must be that sense of adventure the open road and auto travel brings.  It really gets my wheels “spinning!”  Now that spring has sprung, two of my friends that live in nearby Jensen Communities will join me as we travel back to our hometowns up north.  It is a perfect time to travel as everything will be coming into bloom as we head up through the Mid-Atlantic States and on into the greater part of the northeast.  This year we all decided to take our time and visit some of the Jensen Communities along the way.  We have been researching online at for the destination points and I am excited that the plan is near complete.

I will be picking up my two friends in Myrtle Beach, SC at the two Jensen Communities located on the Grand Strand and then we will head north.  Our first visit will be Coastal Plantation in Hampstead, NC.  Wilmington has some great restaurants and NC is strategic and for folks who want to remain a little closer to their northern friends and may find this community perfectly situated.

From NC we will travel up I-95 on into MD; cutting across the Chesapeake Bay which leads into eastern MD.  We plan on spending some time at both Southside Landing in Cambridge and Hyde Park in Easton, MD.  Both communities are situated in very historical towns, are minutes from the Chop Tank River and local eateries that offers some of the best MD crab cakes in the country!

After a couple of days in MD our party plans on heading into NJ and then New England.  My travel friends will be visiting family near Trenton, NJ which is only about 20 minutes from Deep Run—another Jensen Community that offers spacious homes, many of which have carports and sunrooms as well as densely wooded home sites.  I will proceed into CT and plan on stopping in Southington where I will visit the Jensen Corporate Office.  I am looking forward to meeting some of the original Jensen family who are still part of the management of the organization.  It is nice to know that they appreciate and care enough about the folks that invest and live in a Jensen Community to welcome them for a visit to the Corporate Office. 

Someday I plan on taking a trip into NH and NY where even more Jensen Communities are located.  Although I enjoy my home in the south, I have often wondered about how life is up north in a Jensen Community.  Until then, our current trip is planned and we are excited.  Looking forward to a nice three week adventure!

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