Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy Fourth of July and Welcome to Summer!

The summer really seems to fly by once the Fourth of July has come and gone.  May’s Memorial Day Weekend can be considered the unofficial start of summer even though the Summer Solstice on June 21st is the official start of the season.  The pace of summer with its outside activities, vacations, picnics, parties, family gatherings for graduations and weddings happily crowd our schedules.

Time, one of the most valuable commodities of all, is at a premium in the summer.  Finding or making more time give us an advantage to enjoy the expanded list of past times available to us.  If we have less to do in and around the house, it can be to our advantage.

Give consideration to where your time is going especially for those routine and required chores that must get done.  If you are enjoying the free time you have you’re doing it right!  If you are feeling increasingly burdened by your current home and yard, it may be time to start thinking about moving to a more accommodating and more leisurely lifestyle.  A smaller, more modestly sized and one-floor home will give you more opportunity to pursue your dreams.  Why stay weighed down with the drudgery of excessive house maintenance when there are more satisfying ways to live?

We hope you can get more out of life and really enjoy the good times this summer with family and friends.  Happy Summer to you all!

Kris Jensen III

Get in on the Good Life!®

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