Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to Overcome the Stuff in Your Current Home

January is the month that we make or break our New Year resolutions.  If you have lived in your home for more than a few years like many of our customers, overcoming the objects we have accumulated can be a daunting task.

The tactics professional organizer Barbara Reich uses to begin and complete a purging are highlighted in an AARP article by Jancee Dunn which can be found at

Whether you are just looking to make your house more attractive, get rid of “stuff” or preparing your home for sale, this is a great article to get you started.
Reich’s “Rules of Organizing”:

·         Stick to Routines
·         Do the Most Distasteful Task First
·         Store Like with Like
·         Make a Decision and Act on it
·         Get it Off the Floor
All are essentials for living a more organized life and staying decluttered.

With organizing to clean out and/or stage a house for the market it is usually necessary to reduce the volume of stuff we own including clothes, books, collectables, furniture, cookware and other personal belongings.  Reich’s advice on “How To Get Rid Of Absolutely Everything (in five easy steps)” are equally helpful:
  • Gift it
  • Sell it
  • Donate it
  • Liquidate it
  • Trash it
To get started read the details in this article.  Facing the inevitable tasks of rightsizing our lives is a must when it is time to sell and better our lifestyle.  The help of a professional organizer and/or house stager can be well worth the time and investment to get your home sold in the shortest time at the best possible price!

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