Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Working with a Builder/Dealer for Your New Manufactured Home

Manufactured Homes are built off site in a factory so how does one purchase a home?  Who sells them and what is typically included?
This depends on the area you live in and whether you plan to site the home on your own land or in a manufactured housing community.
In some areas of the US where homes are sited on individually owned sites there are generally MH Dealers with sales lots.  Manufactured Home Dealers generally have several homes on display so you can see the type, size and quality of homes of interest to you.  Homes can be purchased “right off the lot” or as a custom order home which are built at the factory with all your requested specifications.  Typically MH Dealers offer homes from several different manufacturers.  It is important when purchasing from a MH Dealer to understand what is or is not included in their price.  Usually, the initial price will include the house, taxes, delivery (within so many miles) and set up, but not any site work or other features such as porches, garages, decks or patios to complete the home unless agreed to in writing.  If the price seems too good for a completed home, it may not be, so be absolutely clear on what is included in the quoted price.
In most states with Jensen communities there are not many MH Dealers because most homes are sold by the owners of MH Communities.  Newer communities may have a model center where you can view several home plans offered.  More typically, homes are on the site where they are shown as models until they are sold in place.  With several available home sites, buyers can custom order a home with the plan they like best and select all the options and upgrades they desire.  It is important for you that the community has established a quality standard to which each home will be constructed, set up and maintained.  If all homes meet a minimum standard, it will better protect your quality of life in the community as well as your investment.
Purchasing a home from a community owner usually means a complete or turnkey package whether the home was a model or custom order.  Learn what the community offers so that you understand up front what is or is not included.  Always get it in writing.  While there is always work moving into a new home, the construction and finishing should be done for you by your Builder/Dealer.
MH Builder/Dealers like at Jensen communities® aim to make the purchase of a new home seamless for their customers.  Even though your home is being built by the chosen manufactured home factory, the ordering, contract and after sale service requests are all completed with the MH Dealer (the home’s warranty is directly through the Manufacturer).  Keep in mind that while the home is being built by the Manufacturer, the onsite Dealer (or its contractors) constructs the foundation for the home, grades the site, installs underground utilities and orders materials for any optional additions (i.e. porches, garages, decks or patios) that they may add once the home has been set.  A finished home most often includes a paved driveway, walks and landscaping.
If you are unfamiliar with a Home Manufacturer and want to know more about them check out The Grissim Rating Guide to Manufactured Homes by author John Grissim (
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