Friday, July 17, 2015

Need Help Deciding?

Need Help Deciding?

Moving can be emotionally and physically exhausting.  What then motivates someone to make a move?
The decision is personal and sometimes not too obvious.  Everyone has their own story and reasons.  It usually has a lot to do with not being content in one’s current home or location.  If you are not satisfied why stay in this home?
If you have started “looking” but believe you are still years away and just doing your homework, consider these few helpful questions to determine how serious you are for a new home.
  • What has you thinking it might be time to make a move in the first place?
  • What items can you do without when you make the move to your new home?
  • What frustrates you with your current home?
  • If you had $35,000 to fix up your current home, how would you spend it?
  • What could a perfect weekend morning look like in your new home?
  • What are some of the ‘must-haves’ on your new home list?
  • If you choose to stay in your current home, what are you missing out on?
Once we better understand why we are looking around in the first place we can start to formulate a new vision for our future home.  At Jensen’s we are glad to help by talking and working with you.  Come visit one of our communities and we are here to help.
Kris Jensen III
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