Thursday, October 22, 2015

Jensen’s 55+ Communities are Simply Affordable

The typical person I know reaching age 55 is looking for less work and more free time.  They are still working full time and enjoying the twilight of their careers. They are saving money for weddings and retirement as well as spending money on second homes and vacations.  Some have started doting on grandchildren and love every minute of it!

Physically many people 55 and over are very active (as are people much older!) in all kinds of recreational pursuits including competition in sporting events.  Less work doesn’t mean they don’t want to sweat, just sweat doing something they really enjoy.

Having more time to spend with family, volunteer, exercise, learn a new sport and travel are all more important than being tied down to an oversized home and yard work.

A simpler and more affordable home and lifestyle is desired.  Not everybody is ready to shed the family home still available for guests and the holidays.  As time goes on however, you can see the tide changing and more are opting to put families up in hotels and have the holiday dinner at a nice restaurant.

Please share how you see your life changing at the over 55 stage!  Embrace and look forward to the possibilities of more freedom, time and money with a smart and more manageable home.

Best wishes,
Kris Jensen III
Get in on the Good Life!®

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