Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Comfort Design Homes Make Living Easy

There are several key elements that make a house easy to live in and afford.  At JENSEN communities® we package them into what we call “Comfort Design Homes”.  These days many people are looking for ways to simplify their lives but live more freely in a home that doesn’t weigh them down with excessive work or financial responsibility.
Whether you buy a Jensen home or in another location, consider these elements to live with more freedom and time to do what you really want to do:

Simply Affordable
Your new home should be easy to buy and easy to own.  A home in a land lease community allows you to buy more home for less money.  Chose a price point that allows you to buy what you want but also just what you actually need.
Energy Efficient
Homes should be built to Energy Star standards or another efficiency program.  They should provide a more tightly built home and pays you dividends with lower monthly energy costs by using high SEER rated HVAC equipment.  Make sure appliances have Energy Star labels. 

One floor (ranch style) homes just make everyday life easier.  Ask about low/no-step entries, wider doorways and extra maneuvering space as well as tub and shower options to suit your needs.  Even if you don’t need special features today, think ahead so that universal design features can be built right in for the future.
Built for Ease of Living
A well-crafted home should be designed to let you stay in your home.  Lever locks, comfort height commodes and other convenience features will benefit you down the road.  Your builder should have a checklist to let you chose the features that will suit your individual needs.

Custom Options
Select upgrade options allow you to have features and finishes that you have always wanted within certain limitations to ensure the affordability of the construction process.  Homes are available at varying price points depending on specifications.  Make sure you pay only for what you need, want and/or desire!

Jensen’s Comfort Design Homes offer ease of living to fit your needs and lifestyle now and for years to come.  Please feel free to speak to our Sales Team to see how we can help.

Kris Jensen III

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